Mandurah Festival of Dance

5-16 July 2022

The Mandurah Festival of Dance has become a major event for Western Australia’s dance community, and has fulfilled the promise of a great traditional occasion for the city of Mandurah, which was foreseen at its conception. Indeed, our event is the oldest of it’s kind in Mandurah.

The organisers of the MFOD believe that student involvement in the art of dance gives rise to self esteem, self discipline and provides an interest that certainly keeps children physically active during their early development through to adult years.

We provide a festival that ensures a friendly spirit of competition is maintained throughout, where young dancers can meet up with, and learn from like minded people. They also have the advantage of experiencing the wonderful theatrical facilities that is offered to them at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

We encourage the love of dance, and to that end we provide passes for competing performers for the entire Festival so that they may attend as many sessions as possible to support their friends and learn from what others can offer. Many families make this time a family getaway and enjoy other activities such as Estuary boating and fishing activities, the cinema, shopping, restaurants, the local beaches and the Marina. We consider these opportunities to be quite unique to our Festival.

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